A bill in the Idaho legislature would give gun makers, sellers, and weapons carriers protections from future shutdowns due to emergency reasons, classifying them as essential businesses.  The bill is expected to pass and get signed into law after passing the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Bill boosts protections for Idaho gun makers, carriers | National

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2022-02-07 21:06:27



Legislation to enhance protections for gun makers, sellers and weapons carriers during declared emergencies in Idaho headed to the full Senate on Monday.

The Senate State Affairs Committee voted to approve the measure that alters the state’s disaster preparedness act by prohibiting the closing of gun-related businesses during emergencies.

Republican Gov. Brad Little issued a temporary stay-at-home order in early 2020 to prevent the state’s health care system from collapsing because of the coronavirus pandemic that quickly sickened residents and health care workers.

Some workers and businesses were declared essential and allowed to continue operating, but others weren’t. Gun businesses were recognized as essential businesses under Little’s order.


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