The DNC Senator unwilling to totally surrender power to them, Joe Manchin, is telling anyone that wants to listen that he has all the confidence in the world that a bill will be passed which will protect the electoral college process from subterfuge.  The bill might be created as a response to the alleged ‘insurection’ of January 6th, 2022, but it might just end up harming the DNC in 2024 if they can’t manage to secure a mass mailer election again.

Bill to block interference in presidential vote count ‘absolutely’ will pass, Manchin says

2022-02-06 21:52:09
John Bowden


Sen Joe Manchin is confident that legislation to protect the Electoral College certification process from interference by the losing party will pass after he joined with Republicans to doom an effort to change the Senate’s rules in order to pass a voting rights bill.

Joined by Republican Sen Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mr Manchin appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday to tout the legislation as a bipartisan compromise that would serve the purpose of making it harder to overturn the results of an election that actually had a chance of passage in the evenly-divided Senate.

“It will solve the problem that caused the problem,” said Mr Manchin of the legislation.

The bill would raise the threshold needed for lawmakers in the House and Senate to raise objections to individual states’ Electoral College vote submissions, as well as clarifying the role of the vice president in the process which lawmakers in recent days have pointed to as unclear thanks to murky wording in the…


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