COVID Lockdown Insanity – Australian Rescue Dogs Shot To Prevent Volunteers From Traveling To Get Them

2021-08-22 17:30:56
Mary Chastain


As Kat McKinley said, “Australia lost its mind over Covid, now it’s lost its soul.”

The Bourke Shire Council, located in the Orana region of New South Wales, Australia, voted to murder the dogs instead of allowing people to rescue them:

Bourke Shire Council, in the state’s north-west, killed the dogs to prevent volunteers at a Cobar-based animal shelter from travelling to pick up the animals last week, according to council’s watchdog, the Office of Local Government.

“OLG has been informed that the council decided to take this course of action to protect its employees and community, including vulnerable Aboriginal populations, from the risk of COVID-19 transmission,” a spokesman from the government agency said.

The spokesman said the agency was examining the circumstances of the incident to find out whether companion animal and cruelty prevention laws had been broken.

They didn’t even do it humanely! Couldn’t they have euthanized them? Couldn’t they have…


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