ISPs Already Fighting FCC Plan To End Anti-Competitive Landlord Broadband Deals

2021-09-21 13:33:50
Karl Bode


from the do-not-pass-go,-do-not-collect-$200 dept

Earlier this month we noted how the FCC announced it would be taking a closer look at the dodgy deals big ISPs make with landlords to hamstring broadband competition. While the FCC passed rules in 2008 outlawing strict exclusivity agreements, big ISPs have, for years, tap-danced around the loose wording of the restrictions, often by simply calling what they’re doing… something else. ISPs also still do stuff like charging door fees just to access the building (making it tougher on less wealthy, small ISPs), or striking deals that ban any competitors from even advertising in the building.

Obviously the broadband industry loves these sorts of deals, as they effectively give them a building-by-building monopoly over broadband access. As such they’re already trying to apply pressure on the FCC while claiming such arrangements are secretly a really good thing:


“Comcast, Charter, Cox, and NCTA–The Internet & Television…



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