By a vote of 5-4, with Justice Roberts joining the liberal dissent, the Supreme Court has halted a lower court forcing an Alabama voter redistricting effort on the basis that the current districts disenfranchise black voters.  

Supreme Court Pauses Order Requiring Alabama To Redraw Maps



The Supreme Court Monday put on hold a lower court ruling that would have forced Alabama to redraw its congressional maps that disenfranchised Black voters. 

It was a 5-4 decision. Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the liberals in dissent. 

“That decision does a disservice to our own appellate processes, which serve both to constrain and to  legitimate the Court’s authority,” wrote Justice Elena Kagan in a scathing dissent. “It does a disservice to the District Court, which meticulously applied this Court’s longstanding voting-rights precedent. And most of all, it does a disservice to Black Alabamians who under that precedent have had their electoral power diminished—in violation of a law this Court once knew to buttress all of American democracy.”

The Court will make a decision on the case in the coming months. It’s a signal that the conservative justices are prepared to further weaken Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

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